Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Spammers are w***ers

I keep on getting a miss call from 0755121013 and they say they are from Wyndham vacation resort and that you have won $1000 voucher but in order to qualify for it, you need to earn 45,000dollars.. seriously.. They rang me like twice in one day when I said, no not interested, go away! Apparently it's from one of them shopping centre booth "free win a car" things, not gonna fill one of those anymore! lARghh... anyways found a thread here, and apparently they spam everyone else too, bastards!


kahsean said...

ahah they must be dam annoying! im always rude and just hangup :)

shirley said...

omg! just as i have been reading this blog those stupid wankers called my house looking for my mum! needless to say i hung up