Saturday, November 15, 2008

Christmas in Perth begins

Ahhh.. two exams down, one to go! The next one being on next Thursday, I decided to celebrate the finishing of my two exams by heading to the city for some night shopping. Little did we know, the "Turning on the Christmas Lights" was on that night and Santa came strolling down the streets of Forrest Chase on his sleigh pulled my reindeers following a bunch of fairy ladies and the SUPER HOT GORGEOUS MEGAN GALE!!! (Proudly sponsored by David Jones) Yes, that's right, I saw a supermodel! woOt!

There was 100,000 lights and Christmas decorations (same ones as every year) up and about as well as a 13metre tall Christmas tree with 750 decorations. The pedestrian bridge on Murray Street had a gigantic red bow on it so go and check it out, the decorations will stick around until January 6th.

I must say I was rather disappointed when I went up to the balloon man in front of David Jones asking for a balloon he replied with "Sorry, we only give it out to little kids". DAMN YOU BALLOON MAN!! I'm a kid at heart :P

I had pictures taken on Robbie's phone, but he can't find his cables, so no piccies today!

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