Monday, October 27, 2008

T2 Tea

There's a new shop in Garden City called T2 Tea, which is at the corner opposite to Wendy's where the pharmacy used to be. They sell a whole range of tea related items from tea leaves to tea pots and spoons, canisters, etc. The layout is awesome, they have little frames and they place all their items for sale on them (above pic).
What I like about this new shop is they brew a couple of different flavoured teas in the middle of the place, and have cups for you to have a taste of different frangrant teas from around the world. Today, there was creme brulee, green rose and lemon tea and it's nice and warm too! What they're missing is a pot of sugar and some milk on the side, but if you want to try some free tea, head to T2 Tea at Garden City!


FeLLi said...

WoWWWWWWWWW i didnt noe u get FREE TEA!!! i walked past that place a few times damn i shouldve gone in, maybe they have some tea that will make me super smart for my exams *wishes* hAhAHhahaH LUVING U MUCHLYYYYYY

Anonymous said...

me and adam went there on the weekend and adam drank all the free tea he was so embarrassing

Mai said...

HAhahah.. that's hilarious