Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bunny-craze 2

As you probably know, from my previous entry, I am rather enthusiatic about getting a bunny wabbit. Rob has agreed to purchase all things bunny-related for my upcoming 21st birthday which is probably my ideal 'perfect' present, in my mind. Anyhoos, I've been searching for a mini-lop far and low, by taking a trip to several pet shops ranging from the rabbit shop, pets paradise to pet magic (located in SUCCESS suburb, there's quite a few shops there, check it out if you have the time). I'm am also looking for anything associated with bunnies, hutches, leashes, clothes, food! I've seen dwarf lops, chinchillas, netherland dwarfs, velvet lops and possibly more but no mini lops. *:(*

I've decided to look for private breeders and came up with only one ad for mini-lops in Perth. *celebrates*. She calls herself the "Rabbit Lady" and lives in Mundaring. I got a little carried-away and sent like two emails via the Website for free ads, asking for an orange bunny and then later deciding that I wanted to check out the colours first. (This was on the weekend). By the Monday, I hadn't received any emails and I thought maybe the ads weren't relevant anymore and found her email on yet another site and emailed her for the third time.

So as I was scrolling through my new emails today, I found three emails from this lady in response to my bunny-craze spam. *hides in shame*

Email one:

Hello Mavis,
Thanks for your enquiry.
I currently have no more rabbit babies ready to leave, the ones I advertised sold fast. I do have a couple of litters which are only 10 days old and 2 days old, which will be ready to leave about December 6 and 16, ..... You would certainly be very welcome to have a look at them, though it would probably be better a bit later, when the colours and sexes are clearer. Perhaps you could contact me again in a week or two, and you will have lots of babies to look at!...etc

Email two:

I will almost certainly have some orange or orange butterfly babies available for Christmas...etc..etc.. I think I already replied to another enquiry from you earlier today.

Email three: (you can almost see her laughing at this point)

Ah, you have been busy following up on ads Mavis! I think I answered your question earlier, etc, etc..

So I got the thumbs up for checking out the babies beforehand but still decided to put in a reservation for an orange bunbun and get a fourth reply of;

Email four:

I had to laugh at getting 3 messages from you in a row, you must be very keen! I have pencilled your name in for an orange Lop baby, and look forward to seeing you when you come to have a look.

Lol, keen much? i want a bunny :)

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FeLLi said...

hAhAHHAhAH!!! i was JUST LIKE YOU!!! UR SO CUTE!!! HAhAHhAH X) OMG CAN I GO WITH YOU!?!??!?!? I WANNA SEEEEEEEEEE!!! XD lurve u heaps and heaps!!!