Monday, October 20, 2008

Better late than never

Met up with my best friend last night, Feliciaa!! Thought it was 'bout time we caught up, and give her her extremely belated birthday present!! And in return, I got mine weee~ Should've waited til Christmas and hit two birds with one stone.

Anyways, we had a lovely Dinner with me, Rob and Fel at Fel's Parent's restaurant, Cafe Somerville (Winthrop Court, Shop 1/ 143 Somerville Blvd). With dishes such as SQUID TENTACLES (must-have), black pepper beef, honey mongolian lamb and kailan mixed vegies!!

I absolutely love my presents; foreverfriends bear (at the top), nail kit with gems and new pair or earrings!!!

Earrings !! Never too many!

Nail kit

It comes that time of year... where exams are closing in on us, and assignments and tests are on the mission to hunt you down. Hence, prepare to see a whole lot more blog entries, due to my high motivational proficiency to study!!

Look at my nail art!!


Anonymous said...

hey i've got that exact same bear! michelle gave it to me. your nail art looks awesome!

i feel like thai rice now. haha

good luck with exams n all!

Mai said...

thankks babe!! :) Ooo im so eating thai rice when i go back to ci :D Good luck for exams too!

FeLLi said...

WOW!!! LUV UR NAIL ART!!! must do the pampering session we talked about after exams XD SOWWIES I WAS SO MAJORLY LATE!!! >.<" THANKS FOR UR PRESSIES!!! LURVE THEM!!! XD i wore the pj's to sleep last night XD *muaks* mis you already sexy!!!

suzie wuzie said...

lovely nail art!