Monday, July 09, 2007

C.I Resort, back in action

Didn't bring a camera, here's a paint drawing :D

Well, the cas is still closed but the restaurant downstairs has opened! ANYHOOS, me, adam, yuets and mish AND sean morganti (adam invited him O.o) went to dinner rhys bird was meant to comebut dunno why he din. I HAD YUMMY FRENCH LAMB CUTLETS best meal on our table me reckons. (with mashed potatoes, basil leaves and lemon lime bitters drink)

The pool is still closed, they're tryin to get the license to re-open the casino. I would like to see the pool and arcade up and running again.

Went swimming for the first time todays arvo!A little more people on the island, but still barely anyone here. Jumped off the jetty, was so scared again. mmyesh.. nothing much..


Anonymous said...

You need to upgrade your camera :>

Anonymous said...

Weeee hope ya had fun!
Love you so much <3

kahsean said...