Saturday, April 17, 2010

Good ol' lomography

Bike Riding Fisheye 2
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I got the fisheye 2 lomo camera for my birthday this year from my brother and had just recently developed a roll of film. I love the fisheye effect! For those of you that don't know what the fisheye is, it is a wide-angle lens that takes hemispherical photos! Please feel free to view my other fisheye 2 pictures on my Flickr Page.

Front yard
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I bought the supersampler for Robbie for Christmas. The supersampler has 4 lenses that takes four sequential panoramic shots! To advance the film on a film camera, you usually have to turn a knob that clicks however with the supersampler, it uses a ripcord which unfortunately gets jammed pretty frequently. So there were only two pictures that turned out in the roll of film. (The rest got jammed :()


suzie wuzie said...

oo i love the fisheye2. my fave :P where do you usually get your film developed?

Mai said...

Big W, haha where do you get your film developed?