Sunday, April 25, 2010

Taking a stroll in East Perth

East Perth

It's a nice, warm Sunday and a perfect day for walking and taking photos. Rob has got a new camera, Lumix gf1, so he can accompany me on my photography expeditions to improve my photo taking skills.

Blue Bridge

I noticed a lot of cyclists around the area which is a great to see and makes me want to ride my bike more often.

Penrose Impossible Triangle

The Penrose impossible triangle is a fascinating structure that appears in the middle of the round about of Plain Street and East Parade. It's made of three metal bars and when viewed at a certain axis forms an optical illusion of a triangle with conflicting sides.

Optical Illusion - impossible triangle

Penrose Impossible Triangle - View 1

Penrose Impossible Triangle - Completed

More of my East Perth Photos are available on my Flickr Page.


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Mai said...

Thanks tagskie! Interesting blog u have there too. :D