Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Doreens Birthday Bash

Happy 21st Birthday DOREEN!!!

Today was my last exam!! I was so happy to be finished. We were going to go celebrate with Doreen turning 21!!
After a long discussion of where to eat for lunch...long as in ...a week long... it is already the day and we still hadn't decided where we wanted to go for Lunch! We ended up going to Ipoh Restaurant at Myaree because we were going to go Karaoke right after that. I messaged Grace earlier to get some candles and she arrives and we were all just talking and she blurts out.. "I brought the candles!" me and Stella's faces just dropped because we were going to buy a surprise cake for Doreen. So to cover it up, Grace decided to add "f-forr my Mum, her birthday is on Friday". Lol.. Gw .. too bad Doreen DIDNT BUY IT!!! :P

After lotsa yummy food we headed to Utopia for some Karaoke action! Nothing like releasing those stress hormones from exams by busting out a song :P After some songs later, me and Grace went downstairs to purchase a choc sponge cake with beautifully decorated chocolate roses on top of it and lit up the candles before entering the room singing Happy Birthday :D accompanied by Tina's singing on the mic! T'was fun fun and then 3 hours went by in a flash and we drenched our dry, hoarse throats with 'sweet tea' full of passion.

Good day, Doreen got her birthday wish ;).


Anonymous said...

that cake looks divine.
how much was it? & what flavor?

Mai said...

choc sponge & pudding :)

suzie wuzie said...

i love the delicate-ness of the roses!