Saturday, June 14, 2008


My friend invited me to add this application - The PackRat game, during exam week, worst ...idea....ever!!

For those of you that haven't heard of the game, it is a ridiculously addictive game of collecting virtual cards by buying, stealing and creating and vaulting them before someone steals them! The thing with this game is, once I start...I can't stop until I've finished a complete set and vaulted them or else my friends will steal them. Most of the time, the cards you are looking for don't turn up for hours and once you steal from someone's page, it's safe for ten minutes. So you have to wait ten minutes everytime before you can steal from that page again. It's so blardy time consuming and is the biggest waste of time EVER! Anyhoos, with each card made, sets vaulted and items stolen, you gain experience points slowly which raises you to a higher level. At certain levels, certain shops are open and you have access to more range of cards...I finally accomplished level 25 which opens up all the god-damn shops and completed one feat (all the cards in a collection) which required a god-damn huge effort. After all that, I gain one rare card, 500 credits and a title of Numpty Bunny...Hardly seems worth it, but I can finally stop playing the stupid game.

(There's heaps of feats except one is more than enough for me)

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