Monday, June 23, 2008

Bocce and Twister Picnic

On Sunday, we went on a little picnic with some Uni friends at Kings Park. We were planning to have a barbeque but realised it will probably all be used up so we just brought in food instead. Me and Robbie had the drinks duty which is probably one of the easiest but I have to say, we did a pretty crappy job. Our drinks weren't even cold, no cups, no eskies, just went to the shops 5 mins before heading off to the picnic! Ash, on the other hand, had the desserts duty and she did such a great job ---> babycakes with blue icing and purple and silver sprinkles, chocolate mousse sprinkled with more chocolate (flakes) and assorted lollies!!

Anyhoos, there was also salad and chicken, chips and nuggets from chicken treat and chips and crackers! After eating we had a game of twister except we were all very un-flexible and decided to play a game of bocce instead! I have never played Bocce before, it is like a game of lawn bowls except instead of rolling the balls, you throw them! (The aim of the game is the get closest to the jack, which is this mini ball) That was fun! It was a little bit dangerous with little kids running around the park but ten points if you hit a kid!

The sun was nice and hot that day and I lazed around for a bit. Also had a bit of kick-around with Robbie, of a netball that someone had brought. It was a nice day out.

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