Saturday, March 29, 2008

Yuet's 19th and Adam's Pilates Party :P

From left to right: Weif, Adam, Rob & Yen

For Yuetsy's birthday we went to Bridge cafe to have modern asian food :) It was quite nice I must say, never been there before. I had lemon peppered squid with jasmine rice and salad. Anyhoos, dinner was wonderful except for the fact that we had to wait for SOMEONE that arrived 3 hours and 15 minutes late when everyone had already finished their food -___-" other than that it was a good outing.

SO the invitation says don't forget to bring your pilates gear for adam's pilates party...everyone took it as a joke EXCEPT FOR YENPOLE!!! She's soo cutE!!! haha.. so we went back to Adam's place and everyone was just listening to music or playin with Sachi (dog)! And then adam switches on some pilates video from youtube and a few of us were doing pilates Lol... (took a picture)!! Aren't they cute??

Happy Birthday Yuets :)


Anonymous said...

hahah thanks mai!!

sachi was humping my leg. i like.

YuehLai said...

yuets said there was a hot instructor...when it was only YOUTUBE!! hahah gay man! i missed out! it looked like fun! we need another outing so i can catch up with you all! HELD in 3 weeks time ofcos! gotta start studying @@$(%%(@Q#Q(@W$(!!!!!!!!!!!! blah

hm said...

woah who was the one who rocked up 3 hrs 15 mins late? LOL

Mai said...

haha suzane and her bf :P