Tuesday, January 02, 2007

First blog of 2007 !

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone ! weee its 20O7, to think one year would past so fast...
how i spent new years:

31st december 2006
cant remember what i did in the morning..hrms..probably watched anime lol... went to visit rob for a bit :D <33>.< the host of the party was really nice and invited us in for drinks when we told her we were leslie's friends (hrms,..moreso winnies friend whose bf is justin whose brother is leslie..see the connection?) . So we went in and the girls had drinks

winnie and crew came and we left pretty soon after coz it was realli awekward and we'r not the best gate crashers :P decided to go to shelley foreshore after droppin yen n subu off. Halfway on the freeway (oo rhymsy) winnie called and said she couldnt come coz they still wanted to stay...poor winnie shouldve taken her with us!... so by the time we got to shelley bridge..it was pretty earli/late so everyone was just sitting in the car (fel managed to sleep thru this) and i had to go home so that was the end of our lil new year adventure. whilst dropping yl off, fel woke up and said..."arent we going to shelley bridge?" lol shes awesome! :D

zzzzzzz....til 1:20pm

woke up ...watched bit of peter pan and grizzley falls..on tv til like 3 or so... got ready n stuff...and headed to the beach weeee!! rob and Rob went to the beach too ^^! weeee!! had maccas takeaway and played in the waves and watched the beautiful sunset.

[more pics inserted here]

rob told us bout the fireworks display at shelley foreshore so got everyone to go however... we saw the fireworks while we were on the way there, from the car...and by the time we got there...IT FINISHED :( :( :( so we just went homes....

and that was how i spent my first day of 2007 :D..


YuehLai said...

it was a GOod nite/day good nite/day!! count down went by so fastt!! HAPPY NEW YR MAIIIII!!!! wOOoOoT i enjoyed myself..i loved the beach!! too bad we missed the fireworks..sucks it ended when we got there.

hm said...

great start to the new yr wasnt it!!
glad you had fun.... i had fun too!!!

Robbbbb said...

the fireworks were cool and stuff
haha u missed the loveheart ones
they were pretttttyyyy