Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Back to my island home.,.

missing my robbie... :(

Who said there's no shopping on the island

Mumsy bought me a bag as an early bday gift ...Gosh i love it :) ... the second present iv gotten now for my bday...first one from my beloved robbbbb, a pair of earrings which im absolutely in love with..

mmm thats all for now...



Robbbbb said...

awwwww i miss u mavisssss
Hope u likeded the earings :)
Love you :D

hm said...

wow i love the bag!! so pretty!! i want i wantttt

YuehLai said...

ooooooo soo prettyy!! ci has shopping..haha im missing out!!

Anonymous said...

the bag is a knockoff :D lol

Mai said...

tony is gay :D lol