Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Superman is cool.

I managed to grab wednesdays off my life revolving around Uni and scurried around the house looking for something to do. With the week off next week I didn't see any point in starting any study as it will be well forgotten before going back to Uni. So i did housework. OmGggg...when boredom strikes.

Swept the floors...Did some laundry and threw out the rubbish lying around and emptied the bins. Ahh...simple pleasures of life..not. Did watch the incredibles though...I LOVE THE INCREDIBLES soooo cute!!~~ for those that haven't seen it ...GO TO HELL! no not realli...go borrow it out on dvd or something.

Ohh was reading the new marie claire magazine I bought yesterday and It had an article on how in Belarus, the president banned all the young models to leave the country in search for modelling careers and he used public concern over sex trade as an excuse. So then all the pretty models will never make it big...how sad..SOme of the very pretty models come from Belarus like Natalia Vodianova, Carmen Kass, Inuga Butane, Karolina Kurkova and Eugenia Volodina.

ahh yes.then comes my daily nightlife...the net. what is life without? somebody please tell me. (Ans: TV) and thats all folks..stay tuned for another episode of bore-o-rama.

Luv me


Anonymous said...

Wednesdays are borrrringgg
Mid-weeks suck

Anonymous said...

omg....wednesdays doo suck!!!! coz like u realise u're onli half way there...lol another half to go...figuring out how u're goin to survive that!

Anonymous said...

YEs!! tmr is Friday already..n Free tute week!! not like its gonna be free for me anywayss!! 2 assignments to do!!! argghghghhghh

lil.suga.bum said...

INCREDIBLES!!! GO INCREDIBLES!!! they re SOOO CUTE!!! cuteish lil things... at least you have hols soon yerr??? i'm spending my doing work experience!!! >.<

hm said...

yeah i know what u mean by slacking off the week before tuition free week...

doin it right now.