Tuesday, August 29, 2006


However much times im exposed to it, you just can't get use to death.
One moment they're there, and the next, gone.
This random elimination of life is evil but always there, part of life and inevitable.

The numbness and surrealism you feel directly after the taking of one's life is so incomprehensible, it's sorta like you're in denial ..then wen you realise it really did happen ..the sadness hits ya...then the anger of why did it happen and why them and not me? It's more confusion really.

We never really take in the notion of "life's short, live it" , we've all heard it before ..usually we just wave it off and ignore it. And then u have all those mushy friendship forwards that says we're gonna disappear from the face of earth tomoro and how we should say we love each other. As mushy as it sounds , i guess what we can take from it is that we should jush appreciate each day as it comes n goes and just b grateful for sharing the moments with ur friends and family and not to take things for granted.

bAhh..think about it.

R.I.P. Gone, they might b, but the memories of them will always b in our minds n hearts forever.


Robbbbb said...

awwww =\

Guess you just gotta live each day like its your last...
and, as cliche as that may be,
I guess it really does represent how life should be lived

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