Monday, August 28, 2006

Monday Morning Blueberries

Somehow it seems weird that we're having a break now, coz we just got back to Uni for like a few weeks and now we're on a break. Not that I'm complaining or nething ...just feels outta place thatta all. = ] yes so anyways... me and my brother got invited to a house dinner by auntie Angie because Alvina's coming back (her daughter) so she must've cookd a lil meal or something.. yes so I decided to make Blueberry Muffins to take over for dinner, and red wine to top it off. woO.. yes..so it says "Makes 12 Muffins" except somehow I ended up with 8 ..Must have like overfilled the patty cases or something.. so went to buy more Muffin Mix...hehehe.. yeah anYhooSs here's a pic of my blue-tiful Muffins

yuPpp ...and thats the way, the cookie crumbles... :P


Robbbbb said...

Lol i love that pun blue-tiful muffins, thats gold
They look tasty and stuff

kahsean said...

mmm save some for me =)

hm said...

yum =]