Saturday, August 26, 2006

A trip to the dressmakers.

Yes..with the MSU ball coming up and the sensational feeling of spending like no tomoro and getting all dressed up is nearli here. bAhh.. today fel came over to Curtin University and commented on how darn beautiful it is compared to UWA. I guess when you're exposed to the same surroundings it becomes almost neutral and u jush dont notice things anymore. Flowers sHmowers.. they were always there.

MMm Weif was meant to come with fel but then she not going to the ball nemore. :( awwww ...boO hoo. Yes so I finshd at 2 and rob waited with me for Felby to come. TOok Rob home and me and fel was like deciding what to do. For so long. SO decided to go to caro to kill time and went around looking for dresses/shoes and anything fancy that caught out eyes. I ended up buying a dress bAHhh wen we were gonz go to the dressmakers at 5pm!!! lol.. yerhh..oops...get two weeks to think bout it and refund it lol..

Yes so we manage to find our way to the dressmakers and she's SUCH A cOOL LAdyY!! hahha ...fel said ks said she's cool = ] i agree gree! hEHhee..."sorry fel...but ur dress design...not pretty" hhAhaha..awWWWww poor fel ..:P i like ur designnn :) ...thot it wouldnt take so long TOOK BLARDY TWO HOURS>>discussing designs, material and anything dress-like....and in the end ...my dress design costed too much so not gonz make a dress...Bahhh ...yup...and that is my trip to the dressmakers.

My dress design... = [


hm said...

oooo thats a lovely dress design!

lil.suga.bum said...

that's pretty!!! erm... where's this dressmaker lady??? in the city???

Mai said...

its vincent ng's aunty in parkwood = P she makes wedding gowns as well hehe..