Sunday, November 14, 2010

Missy Moos Burger Bar

While attempting to look for the location of the Dinosaurs petting zone on the Freo Festival guide on the phone we ended up somewhere on South Terrace, missing the dinosaur action however we stumbled upon Missy moos Gourmet Burger Bar just in time for lunch. (If you look closely, the man at the burger bar gave me two thumbs up, only noticed after I took the picture).

Pretty neat little place decorated with many board games plastered on the walls with quirky little sayings of nursery rhyme characters. Such as Tom, Mary, Little Bo Peep all went away to Spain.
The names of the burgers are nursery rhymed inspired as well, with names like Humpty Dumpty, The cow jumped over the moon, Jack and Jill, Tom, Tom the piper's son, Polly put the kettle on, etc.
The Drink menu was created by little alphabet pieces stuck up behind the counter wall.
The counter is also decorated by childrens' drawings and the one below is my favourite:
OMG Double Rainbow all the way!

Instead of table numbers, we got a little ambulance. Other tables had helicopters, telephones and firetrucks.
We just tried the original Missy Moo Beef Burger which consisted of:
Premium WA Lean beef pattie, tomato, baby spinach, ailo and margaret river tomato relish

The burger tasted really fresh and delicious. I like the replacement of the lettuce with the baby spinach, gave it a gourmet touch. The pricing was reasonable and I love all the quirky decorations, kept me well distracted.

Missy Moo Beef Burger + Chips

Also tried some Fruity drinks to go along with our burgers.

Missy Moos Burger Bar
400 South Terrace
South Fremantle, 6162

Tel: (08) 9433 3322

Opening Hours:

Wednesday - Thursday, 5pm - 9pm

Friday - Sunday, 12pm - 9pm


Anonymous said...

ooOOoo....rob is wearing the shirt you bought from threadless :P

Mai said...

Ahh, you noticed :) p.s. Love the xmas set you're working on!