Saturday, June 06, 2009

Big boots vs. Little boots

Made a trip to H-town last night to escape from the dreadful land of hell otherwise known as studying for exams. Anyhoos, ended up buying two pairs of black boots!! I know... why did I buy two pairs of black boots? Firstly, you can never have enough boots because winter is here!!! Secondly...the first pair was $20!!! and then I discovered the new SHOE SHOW!!! at HarbourTown!!! Which I had a birthday voucher for so hence the two new black boots!!! I am so in love with my purchases! Which do you prefer; big boots or little boots?


Jia said...

Hmmm. Litlle boots I think. Only coz I've been on the look out for ankle boots / them oxford shoes myself! :D Woo winter!

Mai said...


yeah, they're quite cute aren't they..I'm on a lookout for pretty stockings :)

suzie wuzie said...

yes you can't have too many boots! i've got 4 pairs and they are black but they are different :P