Friday, June 12, 2009

Toothbrush holder

Do you find by the end of each month, the bottom end of your toothbrush is covered in brown algae from all the water that has dripped down your toothbrush into the toothbrush cup? No? Just me? Well anyways, let me introduce you the the smiley face toothbrush holder [available at woolies]! This awesome toothbrush holder comes with a suction cup back so you can stick on mirrors, glass, tiles.. protecting your toothbrush from dirt! Here are some other funky toothbrush holders I found on the net:

robot toothbrush holder

Crustacean toothbrush holder
Rubbery Ducky toothbrush holder
Family? toothbrush holders


FeLLi said...

hey gorgeous!!!!! AWwwWWw thats just so adorable! one for u and one for rob huh? XD when do u finish exams!?!!?

Mai said...

finish on 17 at 3pm, then working thursday and friday and then PRAC START RIGHT AFTER SO DEPRESSING :< yes wbu?

Jia said...

I like the duck one! And no to your first question coz my cup is purposely-built and has draingae holes at the bottom so there! *smug* HAHA

Mai said...

haha smart! i was using a mug :P Yes, the ones on the net were way cooler than mine, cept the family one.