Thursday, February 05, 2009

Turning 21

It really wasn't a big deal to me, but I felt obliged to organise something for my 21st just because I was socially bullied into thinking I must. So like 2 weeks before my birthday I decided to chuck a small gathering with a random theme that Rob thought of and I was like, what the heck, why not?
For my actual birthday I was working at Shenton Park Hospital but they sent me home at lunch time which was really nice because I spent that time shopping for dress for dinner that night. Rob and I went to Witches Cauldron, a restaurant known for its famous garlic prawns so we decided to try them.

I also tried the lamb fillets which was simply delicious while Rob wanted to be a real man and ordered a 750gram steak which makes me sick just with the thought of it. He wanted to finish it all but I persuaded him otherwise. That's like gaining almost a kilo from eating that meal... that is disgusting!!!
I wanted to have a barbeque for my birthday and I even went and bought a barbeque but in the end I didn't end up cooking that much of the food because I wanted to spend time with everyone instead of cooking. Rob helped cook for awhile but I could tell he wanted to play his Guitar hero! Anyhoos, I was inspired by the food preparation at Jasmine's place last time, so I attempted ... to make and arrange my own food. Ta ddaa!!!~`

That was all I really had time for really. I ran around all day getting ready for the party I was pretty much worn out by 7pm. I hope there was enough food for everyone = \. My pirate themed party, I just thought it'd be fairly easy for everyone to find black and white clothes, while big w supplied hats and eye patches from 84 cents! I loved how everyone made an effort to dress up :) THANKS!!! Some pictures from the party :)

Got to enjoy the night by playing Guitar Hero and Singstar, bit different from your typical party but I had fun :) Just want to say thanks to everyone that came and I loved all the presents :D

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FeLLi said...

MAI MAIIIIIIIIII!!! hope this year turns out as gorgeous as u baby!!! *muah* love u!!!!!!! XoXo