Sunday, January 04, 2009

My pet bunny!!!

Hurrahh!!! Finally the day has come and I got to take home my little snowflake! I haven't bought a carrier yet so it came in a box!
Weee!! Look how tiny it is!! 7 and a half weeks old!!!

At first it didn't dare to climb up the ramp and we put it at the top floor and it was running and it didn't realise the ramp was there so it fell halfway down the ramp!!! Poor bunny!! but after that lesson, it could run up and down the ramp easily!

I love it when it lies down all stretched out!! So adorable!!!


Par said...

Awww so darn cute!

FeLLi said...

SNOWFLAKE IS SOOOOOOO CUTEEEEEEEEEE X) makes me wanna get another bunny!!! cant wait to take our rabbits on walks

YuehLai said...

soo cute. Make me want to have a bunny now too! I want to touch its furrr!