Saturday, August 30, 2008

Stuck in Gero

Been in gero for a week. The nurses quarters is alright, nothing special, get your own rooms but shared bathroom (but theres like 5 in a row) and kitchen and a common room with the tv. It takes me like 1min to get to work so I can get up pretty late if i wanted to! There's an iGA like 5mins away and the central town is like a good 15 minutes away.

Today me and Tina went to the shops and i bought lotsa $2 crap just because I was bored. Ate at this japanese restaurant called O'ba san (which means grandmother) and it's super delicious! wish they had it in Perth! I had my Kara-chicken Udon noodles! yumm! There's a beach like further away but we went for a walk on the first day when robbie was here. mm.. didn't bring my camera cable so no piccies! Stocked up on 2min noodles yay!
Went to the Agricultural show today, free entry..it's like a very very mini version of the royal show. There's like a couple of rides, lotsa soft toys and show bags as well! I bought a Sherbet Fizz one :) and tried my luck to win one them big toys cause everyone seemed to have one, but failed miserably :<
On a total different note, how cute are these!


FeLLi said...

MAI MAI!!!! LURVE U!!! damn i feel like ive been MIA for AGESSSSSSS!!! where is GERO!?!??! sounds awesome!!! Hope ur having fun baybeh!!! *MuAkZ mUaKz* X)

suzie wuzie said...

cool that you are in gero! i've got a friend up there. are you working at the hospital? you might know her- cam? oh yeah- does your nurses quarters have internet in your room or is there like a public computer?

Mai said...

umm i only know the people on my floor (2) but there's people i'v seen all the time but dunno their names...what does cam do? theres no public computer but im on some insecure netline whichi probably not meant to be using..i paid for it earlier but it just started up soo.. i think they're havin trouble and now everyone can use it. (if that makes sense)

suzie wuzie said...

ahh ic.. cam's a medical scientist but i don't know know what floor she's on.. hehe