Monday, August 11, 2008

Fitness review


Since I've cancelled my membership at the gym. *sigh*

Robbie bought me a surprise bike last month! I was really excited, it's blue my favourite colour! He also bought a pink helmet and a BASKET for it!!! I LOVE IT! It's so perfect!! he also bought a bike for himself and his little sister! :D (little pink bike with pink basket is moni's)

Really should get into the habit of riding more often, just that it was really cold the last month and I was travelling around.

I also bought a trampoline on Saturday.. I was looking at Rebel sports for one, cept they ran out but they said it's usually $80! Anyhoos, I found one at Kmart for $40 dollars and I thought WOO BARGAIN and then I paid for it and it only costed me $24.99 which is AWESOME!
It was such a BITCH to build!!! what you do is you have the two semi-circle frames and u need to align them up and flip it open (easier said than done, trust me). It advises that three people are needed for the job, cept me and robbie made it by ourselves :) !! U step on one side and try and open it up, if it comes out of alignment, it snaps outta place and u gotta start again. Real bitch!

Ended up buying a yoga mat...but have not got round to using it. Comes with a DVD and book! one day....I'll start.. keke


kahsean said...

hehe the yoga kit looks handy! wouldnt mind tryin yoga out!

suzie wuzie said...

good on ya on starting to exercise! i prefer pilates but wouldn't mind trying out yoga to see how they differ!

Mai said...

i prefer pilates too, but i like the blue mat better than the purple..haha