Sunday, May 04, 2008


I have a 10 page report to finish, 2 assignments, one due on Monday, the rest later in the week, a test to study for and yet I have decided to open a new ebay account. Go figure! AND made my first bid. Well technically, I didn't just make my account. I actually registered for it back in November 2006 but just didn't end up confirming my account! (2 years later and it's still there!!)

Things I have bidded for:

* Sexy Supergirl costume
* King Kong suit

lol..yes there is a dress-up party to attend and no it's not gettin' kinky in the bedroom ^__^

5 more hours!!


Anonymous said...

HUAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH king kong suit and sexy supergirl costume? WTF

FeLLi said...

jeez mai mai wat are u and rob getting up to??? *wink wink* HAhAhAHha MISS U HEAPS MY DARLINGGGGGGGGGGG *HUGGLES*