Sunday, May 25, 2008

Damn Scammers

I got a phone call yesterday exclaiming I had a recommendation from WEIS ...Sorry WHO?! Your friend, "WEIS KOK" OHhhhh KOK Oh yeah, I know her.

Lady: Yeah She was randomly selected to get this package, it's only for University students, it's $199 dollars for 14 tickets and with each ticket you can stay in any accommodation across Australia and New Zealand from 3 star to 5 star or $299 for 25 tickets. All we need is your credit card
(fuck off)
Me: Ohh um ok, where are you calling from?
Lady: Sydney, Oxford Street
(what the fuck, no company name whatsoever)
Me: Right, and how was my friend selected? Did she enter a competition or something?
Lady: No she was randomly selected
Me: From what?
Lady: She was randomly selected from the phonebook
(so how did she know weif was from University?)
Lady: I heard from your friend that you go on holidays regularly.
Me: no. not really
Lady: When was your last holiday, 6 months ago?
Me: no, back in 2005
Lady: How much did you spend on accomodation? 100? 200?
Me: It was free, we stayed at a friends
Me: Yeah anyways not interested
Lady: Why?
Me: no time
Lady: It lasts for two years
Me: no money
Lady: ok, bye

(By the way, it's some really fobby Chinese lady, SYDNEY MY-ARSE)

Anyhoos, time to ring up the kokster...
(phone rings)
Weif picks up: STARTS LAUGHING
Me: Uhhh what the fuck was that?? a prank??
Weif: no they rang me up first and i told them I had no credit card so I gave them your number

Weif: wtf I never said you went on holidays regularly..

Hmmm dodge!


YuehLai said...


Jia said...

OMG THAT HAPPENED TO US AS WELL! I was like, I don't go on holidays. I like to stay at home. The Indian guy on the phone was like, but you save so much! I'm like, how is it a saving if I'm not even intending to go on holidays in the first place?!

Pfft. I ended up hanging up.

P.S. Weis Kok is sneaky huh.

kahsean said...

aahhahah that phone prank is classic! FAIL FAIL FAIL..i wudve have jus sweard n hung up :P

FeLLi said...

AHhAHhAha OMG THAT SO FUNNY!!! but yeh lasy time my mum got told she won 100 million from some casino thingy in hong kong im like WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF mannnn HAhahHAha omg yeh better watch out for WEIS KOK *wink wink*