Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy V-day

Flowers from the boyfriend

Flowers from work

Presents for the boyfriend

Homemade Valentines Card

Romantic Dinner

The Valentines Couple

Had work on Valentines day, was sitting at the front desk when a lady came in with three lots of flowers and I saw my name on it and I was like wtf...who sent me flowers, but I saw that the other two were for the other ladies that worked there so I took it, the boss sent 'em. So we all went to the boss' office and was saying THANKS FOR THE FLOWERS DUDE and he was like "what? what flowers?" :p and one of the ladies askd How come our radiographer (who is a guy) doesn't get one? and the boss goes "I'm not gay!!!" and surely the patients would've heard it lol!

Work was same ol' same ol'. However, some lady apologized to the secretary because the other day she was screaming at her, when it was her own fault that she had lost her referral. The screaming lady gave the secretary a box of Roses chocolates. Which was nice for a change, usually our difficult patients don't care about anyone but themselves.

After work, got ready for my valentines date with robbie, he had told me earlier that he apologizes that all the flowers/roses were dead at the florist so I assumed I wasn't getting any flowers. So Robbie came by to pick me up and I sat down and he handed me some chocolates and lollies, and I thought we were gonna leave and he pulls a vase of flowers from the backseat and they were GORGEOUS!!!! Pretty pink carnations and white daisies :D (Toppest pic).

Our romantic dinner was at Hog's Breath, where Rob had his all time favourite, Chicken Parmigiana, (not much of a risk taker, always chooses the same meal at every restaurant), and I had Hickory Lamb Shanks! yummm~ I was disappointed that we didn't get curly chips and just the normal straight ones but it was yummy and beautiful all the same!

TIMEZONE! was our next stop, we have been spendin alot of money there = \ Took peekchers! I love neoprints hell awesome! Saw Rachel Bak and some random guy she was holdin hands with (no intros!) Played a couple of games and won some butterly and fish erasers and headed home to get ready for work the next day woo! Overally, an awesome night :).


Anonymous said...

awwww so cute!!

YuehLai said...

Happy Valentines day!!!

suzie wuzie said...

awww looks like you got spoilt good :)