Friday, February 22, 2008

B is for Bowling

Went Bowling On thursday night --- > *NOTE* It's not $6 Tightas THursdays if you don't mention it Pffft what typa stupid rule is that!!! They charged us full price and when i askd if $6 thursday are still on, they said u have to mention it at the start or you don't get it TOTAL BULLSHIT!!! coz it's fucking advertised all over their website/counter area!! FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!!! Nowhere does it say, if you don't mention it, you don't get the discount !!! ...Enough ranting for me..

Other than that, it was a great night out :) 3 things that i found utterly hilarious that night was that probably won't make sense ...more of a personal joke than anything...

1. A particular friend immitating another friend's bf (no names mentioned) with his extremely curry accent. Imagine this, You ask your friend what they are doing? and her bf responds with

"We are getting drunk man" with a really thick indian accent...sounds funnier in reality...

2. Tarun's name was spelt TAARU on the bowling scoreboard ...because he said it is spelt " T - A..*pause* A R ..U N hahaha.. T - A...A R .. R U.. U N..

3. Went to fast eddy's after bowling and kerri was having hot fudge sundae and she goes... "oh the hot fudge is frozen" and lisa's response was "uhh...that's the chocolate bits"


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