Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fabulous Birthday

party hats

me and robbie

taz and fel

yen and jia

potato turd

everyone :)

me and beautiful cake

beautiful cake

slice of cake

my brother bought me a cake too :)

Had such an awesome night : ).
Had work all day and didn't get back home til like quarter to six which gave me like 15minutes to get ready i.e shower and change. Robbie picked me up and fel and we got there like quarter to 7 :P Subu, Lynna and Taz was already at valentinos! Then everyone started arriving around the same time and it was good to see everyone again! I passed party hats and those party noisemakers just to give it a more party atmosphere!

The food was not bad, i felt like italian! omg it was so funny, the waiter was like "scallopollini" or whatever he said and likes we didn't know what our food was called so he said it several times! After dinner, we had yummy chocolate cake that Yueh Lai and Huoy Min bought for me! Much Appreciated girls! It had a beautiful rose on it!

We had interesting dinner conversations consisting of tiolet paper talk o.o. which we amused ourselves with. Then the group split and some of us went home, while me and rob, fel and taz wen to timezone and the others went to carnegies where we met up with them later. The music was good and loved the atmosphere :). Had a toblerone cocktail and went home. Really awesome night, thanks to everyone that came! ^^;


kahsean said...

happy 20th birthday again for yesterday!!

the dinner was soooooo filling! ahah

suzie wuzie said...

Happy belated birthday! I love that picture of the potato turd. hope it tasted better than the name :P

hm said...

hahaha that waiter was awesome!!
have a great yr bein 20 =D

YuehLai said...

wiater was awesome? what waiter? happyy totally belated 20 again haaha.