Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Bindeez - 2007 toy of the year

Who knew beads could be so dangerous, Bindeez, the '07 toy of the year has been found to contain the date-rape drug GBH and is being removed from shelves as we speak! Click here for link.


Jia said...

Woo you updated!
Yeh, when I first heard of the toy I thought it sounded dangerous. I mean, tiny little beads that stick together if you spray water on it? What if some kids swallowed it? Will it get stuck on the inside of their stomachs forever and ever?
But damn, now its been linked to the date-rape drug, I shoulda bought it and spike some drinks at Metros next time.
Me: "Hey you're hot, have a drink!"
Hot Guy: "Ok!"
(10 mintues later)
Me: :D
Hehe. Can you tell I need to study for exams? :(

YuehLai said...

Wat? those little beads was made with date rape drugs? thats possible? interesting