Monday, September 24, 2007

Random Entry; Another Art Gallery

First of all, Happy Birthday to Yen!! She turns a big 1-9 today!! weee~

Weif chucked a BBQ last night and it was a good fun!! was a great little gathering ! Happy B'day to her on the 20th of September :D

Went to Sunday market on Sunday (oh gosh) and i bought a BABOOSHKA!!! I've always wanted one of them :D aren't they just so awesome? Lady told us it's originally called MAMOOSHKA or something like that...and it means mother and they are meant to be in the shape of a mother- nice and plump which represents a healthy and happy woman.

I also found a little fake goldfishes which is Perrrfectt for me because all the goldfishes I've ever owned are now dead... so with these new friends, I don't have to feed them or worry about them floating upside-down the next day due to unknown circumstances :D !! weee~ the perfect pet!

Also, on Sunday morning, me and Rob went to play golf, just the driving range and it's our first time and guess what we did... WE BROKE THE ONLY CLUB WE BROUGHT WITH US .... yeahh...excellent. Other than that it was great fun :) would love to play again.

Haven't Beaded for sooo long and got back into it on Sunday :) What do you think of my creations?? Was thinking of making heaps and selling em' but not sure how'd that go... maybe make a website or something..


kahsean said...

ahha i still gt ur lovely earings u made for me dis yr bak in ci =]

hm said...

hahaa ive always wanted a babooshka as well!!

Anonymous said...

Good words.