Friday, November 24, 2006

Willetton Graduates of 2006

Leavers 06'
Willetton Grade twelve students of 2006 graduated last night.......whoa the ceremony was so long...i was so hungry ^^; ahhh the walk was too long but i liked the video at the end...and the music.
The man sitting next to me made funny comments like; there was this chubby guy graduating..gettin his sash and someone in the crowd went WOOOOO! and the man's like "His mum is here" or there was a japanese dux and the student that got it was yellow skinned and the man's like "He's Japanese anyways" Ohh and the crowd was laughin when Bonner said "artz" because it sounded like "arse" because he has an accent...and he was like "and the student will hopefully pursue a career in the "arse"" and everyone is jush laughing teheheheh.... uhh yeh pics..

thats jian on the bigscreen o.O
weif, ks, winnie, yuets, yl, me
graduates n i

Malibuuuu in perth
After the graduation, went to Billy Lees to eatttt! Oh and made yuets get me bubbletea hehehe...


kahsean said...

HAHA bonner!! artz-arse
i hate him anyway! he was d one dat didnt let me go to wshs. FAG!

Anonymous said...

Its been a year since our grad
/me cries
doesnt feel like it

Ooh congrats to everyone who graduated (yuets and adam and Agnes in particular ^^,)
and yahh

oh btw,
You looked extremely hawt in those pictures mavisss ;)

♥ Robbb

Yuets said...

"oh btw,
You looked extremely hawt in those pictures mavisss ;)" pfft... i think robbbo meant Yuets looked extremely hawt... hahaha...

The ceremony was awesome u got to admit it was way better than ur one hey! i GRAUDUATED! woot 12 years of high school is finally over for me...i survived. I'm starting to miss it now...

YuehLai said...

aahh ur very asian plate!! i didnt realise why ppl were laughing at bonner until winnie pointed it out for me!!! haha he then tried correcting it by pronouncing the 't' loudly in particular. poor him how embarressing. a LoNG but good nite

hm said...

that ceremony looks hell cool compared to the hell dodged up lynnie ceremony.. lol