Saturday, November 18, 2006

Saggy's Party

Ahh it's been awhile.

Update: Have been studying bulk for the last week or so ...ONE MORE EXAM LEFT on monday and I think with each exam, the studying get slacker...and I am just so sick of studying o.O

Say yee chuckd an 18th bday party last night and Winnie and I were like the first ones to arrive at the party and we were like 30minutes late. o.O (besides sayyee n lynna) and it was sooo emptyyy!! Got a bit lost on the way there, went in a huge circle around the oval :D:D hehehe. There were curry puffs and spring rolls, couldve done with a bit more snacks lol.

Yeah so the hall was pretty empty and then people started coming late-ish... and there were a few people dancing in the middle and there was like so much more people standing outside than there was inside o.O Music was good at times and the lighting and smoke machine was awesome. Got to see everyone again which was good...SU YUAN WASNT THERE! someone said everyone was there... ahh yeah..

Birthday girl and cake

Highlights of the party: Say Yee getting cake all over her face, hair and dress. hahaha.. took a good shot of it. What a waste of a cake!


hehehe... other stuff that happened...

*WINNIE STEPPD ON MY TOE n it started bleeding ...

*random girls crashed the party..danced n left

*Nisah And Julie n crew...came to saggs :)

*Jian showed us the sprinkler move lol.

*Say yee hooked up :D

few pics from the party

okies back to study..O N E M O R E L E F T ! ! ! !


hope ur enjoyin urselves those who have finshd examssssss!!!


lil.suga.bum said...

good luck for your last exam!!! i FINSIHED WOOOHOOO~ haha

kahsean said...

ahha yeh sayyee got caked LOL !!

hm said...

gd luck with ur last exam tm!! =D =D

yeh ey suyuan wasnt there >.< she wasnt at ks's either... where has she been man!! hahhaa suyuan if ure reading this - youre so coming to metros with us this sat!!! =p

YuehLai said...

oyehhh well ALMOSt everione was there cept one..damn suyuan never came!!! yeh subu..ur cuming out with us this weekend!! ahha no excuses!! have fun at the movies!