Monday, November 28, 2011

Morning Tea at Chapels


Chapels on Whatley was a random cafe that my best friend and I randomly stumbled upon whilst on a mission to dine at Mrs S. Unfortunately Mrs S, and many other shops on Whatley Crescent appeared to be closed on Monday. Fortunately, however Chapels on Whatley was a cafe experience we will never forget! It seemed to deliver surprise after surprise! Chapels is not only a cafe but a eastern themed shop featuring many antique furniture, art, artifacts, homewares and an incredible variety of fine tea. The menu consists of an infusion of Western & Eastern influences which gives it a unique experience. I had the San Choy Bao which was absolutely delicious!

One of the many things I love about Chapels is the fine china we got to use, Royal Albert!!! I was afraid of breaking such an expensive collection! The cafe was also scattered with weird but interesting paintings by an artist called Jin Chuan. They were rather amusing, had the same smiley face plastered on every painting. I love the attention to detail, outside there were red parasols and lanterns to match the Eastern atmosphere.


San Choy Bao


Mismatched Royal Albert Collection


Fine China & I


Jin Chuan Art


More Jin Chuan Art


From this (above)


TO THIS!! An aquarium in my teapot!

We ended our experience at Chapels with the best tea in the world!!! It starts off as a ball of tea leaves and when you chuck it in hot water it slowly grows and sprouts up like a real flower!!! If the teapot was a little taller, it would've turned out alot nicer but it was seriously amazing!! Highly recommended to those that are as easily amused as I am!

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