Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fascinating! How to make an 'x-ray' themed fascinator

X-ray Fascinator

A hat competition is being held on Melbourne Cup day at work which I plan to participate in. The prize is a $50 voucher and initially I was going to buy this extravagant fascinator for $40 but decided to make my own instead...out of x-ray film! A much cheaper alternative and so much more fun! So I went to my old work place to gather some free film and went to spotlight and spent $12 on materials (50% off millinery materials - yay).

Millinery Materials
Materials bought: Headband, hat base, 1 metre of veil, a variety of feathers & rhinestones

I gathered the veil and folded it until I was happy with the formation and sewed it underneath the base and then sewed the base to the headband itself.
Arrange the feathers and stuck it on to the hat base with craft glue.
Cut out flower shapes from the x-ray film and curled each petal with fingers. Using a paper fastener, joined each different sized flower shapes together. Glue flower onto base.
Glued a rhinestone in the middle of the flower.
Cut out feather shapes from x-ray film and attach to wires. Attach to base.

In Construction:

Flower Cut outs

X-ray Film Flower Cut outs.

In construction

Combined Flower cut outs and Rhinestones.

End Product


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juznie said...

That looks soo good. Hope you win :)

Felicia said...

so THIS is how u made it!!! hehehe love ur awesome skills!!! XD *muahzzz*

Mai said...

Thanks guys :)

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oooh wow! you are very creative!