Monday, May 30, 2011

I love food!

As I mentioned earlier I have been eating a lot and I wanted to share some of the places I've been to this month. First of all, gorgeous Fel took me to The Secret Garden Cafe for Brunch one morning. It is a beautiful little cafe with a magnificent garden with water features, a wishing well and miniature bridges and the atmosphere is just so warm and relaxing.

I ordered Stuffed mushrooms with toast, a poached egg and salad on the side. Let me tell you it was one of the best meals I have ever had in awhile and I dream about the stuffed mushrooms all the time! I must admit, I do love my mushrooms though. I loved it so much that I tried to recreate a similar dish at home (not succeeding, but that's not the point). I will definitely have to go back and have those mushrooms again!
Fel & Pavlova

If you are looking for a new cafe to try, I highly recommend this place! And try the stuffed mushrooms!

The Secret Garden Cafe

64 Angelo Street

South Perth WA 6151

(08 ) 9367 5597

Another eatery I went to was the Burger Bistro located at Leederville. I had lunch there with Robbie because we've walked past a couple of times and it looks quite groovy with its light globe decorations and Banksy art hanging around the walls of the place.

I ordered the Hey pesto Burger which consist of hand made CAAB Angus beef patty with fresh basil leaf, shaved parmesan, basil pesto and tomato relish on a bed of salads.

I really liked their tomato relish in the burger as well as a dip for the chips however the burger itself did not blow my mind away. It was a decent burger but I did not crave for it. Otherwise, real nice atmosphere and lovely presentation.

The Burger Bistro

147 Oxford Street

Leederville WA

(08 ) 9443 5881

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