Tuesday, February 08, 2011

New ride

New year, new house, new car, new phone! The year has been good so far despite my boyfriend moving to Canberra and my bunny catching myxo which is like one of the deadliest viruses they could catch. He actually looks better than before so I'm hoping he will pull through seeing as it's the year of the rabbit! Graduating from my 4 year degree on the 17th which should be good. My new Mini Cooper S (blue one) was my graduation present. So in love with my new car! :D


Ellsworth said...

That was a perfect graduation gift! You seem to be on top of everything. Good for you! Anyway, it's been 2 years since you got your car. How is it? I hope you don't forget to check and maintain it regularly.

Ellsworth Mciltrot

Unknown said...

Wow! That was a pretty cool graduation gift! Mini Cooper S is a superb car. I actually test drove it once, and it gave me an amazing driving experience. What I really like about it is that it’s small, but feels roomier inside. The sleek exterior makes it a head turner. ->Arlyne Nelms