Thursday, January 20, 2011

Holidaying in the Capital City

Just a quick update, as I have been very slack. I am now residing in Canberra for the next week and a half, visiting the boyfriend and attending my friend's 21st. I am still committed to my 365 project surprisingly, the photos may be viewed on my Tumblr and my Flickr.
I have visited the War memorial, Yarralumla gardens, Regetta Point and the Canberra centre. The other night, we made tacos and the oven caught on fire (View brief story here) and yesterday evening we had a few games of lawn bowls and finished it off with some yummy Chicken snitzel. Heading to Sydney for the weekend, can't wait!


juznie said...

You're doing well on the 365 project - I could never be that creative and committed.

The tacos certainly look very appetising ;)

Mai said...

Thank you, at times I feel like ditching the project but hopefully I shall pull through.