Sunday, June 20, 2010

Places I visited: JiuFen, Kaohsiung, Xi Men Ding

A view of the buildings in Jiu Fen up in the mountainous area. You can see a thick fog covering the part of the area, a few minutes later most of the buildings were covered by the fog.

Ocarinas for sale in the markets of Jiu Fen.

Soft chewy colourful candy

I love the colours of the candy.
The streets of Jiu Fen.
My Ice cream girl necklace

Food in KaohSiung
In Kaoh Siung, we went to a restaurant that had old school items as decorations, such as the old telephones, mail boxes, sewing machine and cinema projector. The food was delicious, fresh and cheap! Love it!

Xi Men Ding
Back in Xi Men Ding, the place is bustling with pedestrians and full of shopping and side markets. We had steam boat in one of the restaurants in Xi Men Ding, can't remember the name of it but it was so nice we went to eat there twice!

Steam Boat
You can choose the flavour of your steamboat and even split it into two flavours. We had; tomato flavoured soup and hot&spicy (Ma La Soup).

I love these Ma Chi balls! They taste so good, soft glutinous rice balls with sesame paste fillings.
Ma Chi Balls

Just on a random note, stayed in Singapore for 2 days and this is a picture of the gorgeous food court in Ion Orchard. The food there is delicious and the place looks fantastic!


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