Sunday, January 31, 2010

Randomness: teapot cake, dragon fruit & new crocs

I'm stuck on Christmas Island and got to spend my birthday with the Paros. Can't wait to head to Singapore on the 4th of February! Haven't been back since 2005! It's been too long. Here's a random post on random things :D.

This is my beautiful teapot cake from Utopia that Robbie bought for my pretend birthday on Monday 25th where I was spoiled with lots of presents from his family and him. Yay!

This is the inside of a dragon fruit which I have never tasted before until today. It is sooo pink, such a lovely colour and it tastes a bit like kiwi fruit!

This is my new pair of crocs 'Malindi' that I got for my birthday from CI Bunnings. Beautiful Aqua colour that matches my nail polish. And I'm wearing my gorgeous diamond ring from Robbie as well.


Jia said...

There's a Bunnings on CI???

Mai said...

haha nahh, just the hardware store. sif ci have bunnings :P

Jia said...

HAHAHA sif call the hardware store CI Bunnings!

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

You might like my blog Recipes from Home and Abroad I think (not all recipes, not all English, but some of both or either).

SweetWICK said...

I've never tasted Dragon Fruit, but this picture made me want to go out & try it...grat blog!