Friday, January 15, 2010

New year's resolutions

It's halfway through the first month of the year so I thought what a great time to think of some new year's resolutions to reflect and resolve on. My list would probably look very similar to everyone else's list but I'm hoping to make these changes this year.I.e. stop being so lazy and start doing things I plan to do!! Here's some of my personal goals.

1. Fitness - last year my fitness program consisted of nothing - nil, nought, null, zilch - big fat ZERO! Hoping to join either a pilates or muay thai classes after my holidays (March onwards).

2. Keep track of my spendings - I've been keeping a money diary to see that little things do add up! I've also been making and taking lunch to work more often which is good for both my health and my wallet. Hopefully will continue to keep this up!

3. Learn to use my camera - my brother gave me a Canon 450D and hopefully I'll put it to use instead of having it sit around collecting beautiful dust particles.

4. Plan another trip - because I love travelling!

5. Relax more - and use my face masks and foot bath and just spend time doing nothing and contain my sanity in this hectic world.

6. Read more books - any good suggestions?

That's all I can think of for now, will add to it later!


Jia said...

Read 'Cross-stitch', or 'Outlander' as its known in the States (its available here as Cross-stitch) by Diana Gabaldon, there are currently 7 books in the series and its AWESOMEEE.

Mai said...

Ooo do you have it? Should I take a look in the library?

FeLLi said...

i like ur resolutions!!! XD i should make some of my ownnnn =P how about i join u in ur fitness thingy since i didnt do any exercise AT ALL last year either ^^" oh and i should borrow books off u cuz i havent read a book since yr 10 O_O" how shocking!!! heheheh XD

Mai said...

Oooh yes, please pop over, you can borrow twilight! haha and dan browns if you havent read them :) i havent decided which place i wanna do my exercises yet either leeming rex/melville rex or zest :D