Friday, December 11, 2009

Online Shopping - it's addictive!

When it's too hot to go outside, just shop online...it's damn addictive. Lately I've been purchasing a lot of things from online stores and it kinda sucks because I just put it all on my debit card and not realise how much I've spent!

What I've purchased recently:

A few Threadless shirts because they had a sale the other day.

Hanging Hammock chair with Foot rest from DealsDirect.

Rabbit fence also from DealsDirect.

Peas in a pod (Popping edamame) keychain which can be found on ThinkGeek.com

And today I bought a swing not online but from Bunnings :)

Sportsgirl online store
has free shipping from 9th December to the 23rd of December.
Dealextreme another gadget online store also has free shipping.


suzie wuzie said...

heehee- i know what you mean! but it's different from what you can find in store so that's the part that's worth it

YL said...

i agree! addictive indeed. I made 3 purchases within 3 days online!

FeLLi said...

hehehe looks like ur on a shopping spree!!! XD love the chair thing!!! and i bought 2 of those rabbit fence things and im gonna connect them and make one MASSIVE pen XD luv u long time baybee XoXo