Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's show time! Smoke-free Perth Royal Show 2009

I wasn't planning on going to the Perth Royal Show this year because it's kinda the same thing each year and the showbags aren't all that special however Robbie's little sister Monica wanted to go because she missed out last year due to the flu. Anyhoos, I bought two adult tix and a child and it was equivalent to a family pass so Monica brought her friend Mikayla with her. That turned out to be a good thing for Monica because I don't think she would've sat on half the rides that she did if Mikayla wasn't there. Overall, it was a good day and the weather was really nice.

Ferris Wheel, and we won a big blue dog from the ticket games.

Monica sliding down big slide.
The petting zoo! There were alpacas, dogs, goats, rabbits, chooks, guinea pigs, ferrets, turkey...and more!
I love this cat! When the owner tapped his own shoulder the cat would leap (pretty far) onto the owner! Look at its eyes, ones blue and ones brown, Beautiful!

Turkey, its face is so wrinkley and gross.
Weird looking birdie.
Another ride, the girls sat on that spun them around and around. Made me dizzy just looking at it!
Me & Robbie.
Hubba Bubba show bag came with some heart-shaped sunnies.

There were camel rides and pony rides as well!

A shot from the ferris wheel.
The girls decided they were brave enough to sit on the hurricane!
The hurricane in action.
My awesome flashy light beer glass.
Hand held flashy light fan, great for summer.
Flashy light stick!


yuerssssssss said...

i wanna ride a pony!

FeLLi said...

i havent gone since last time i went with u!!! in like yr 9 or something!!! hahahha XD

Mai said...

YEAH AND WE SAT ON THE MEGADROP TOGETHER!! never sitting on that again! :P