Saturday, April 11, 2009

Robbie makes dinner!

Today Robbie made dinner for his family and I. Chicken Snitzel and Mash potatoes were on the menu! I decided to take photos after Rob had already started so here's the recipe!

First we have the meat (there was more!). You have two hands, one is allocated as the 'wet' hand and the other as the 'dry' hand. This is so it doesn't get clumpy. Use your 'wet' hand to pick up the chicken piece and place it in the flour.

Using your 'dry' hand roll it around in the flour and drop into the beaten eggs.
Changing over to your 'wet' hand, flip it around in the eggs and place it into the bread crumbs.
Again with your 'dry' hand, turn it around in the bread crumbs until its all covered and ta daaa.
Bread crumbed chicken!
Fry em' and make mash.

I made the mash potatoes! Dinner was deliciouss :)

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FeLLi said...

OOoooOoooOOo!!! Looks DELICIOUS!!! mannnn i really wanna cook stuff but im too lazy... *sigh* ^^"