Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mid Autumn Festival in Gero

Also known by many other names such as Moon festival, Mooncake festival, Lantern festival is a chinese celebration that falls on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month on the Chinese calender which equates to... TODAY!! :D It's about moon worshipping, mooncake eating, lantern carrying and dragon dances! Because I couldn't get my hands on any pretty looking lanterns... I decided to make one.. and draw ugly flowers on it and look at the biggest, brightest moon of the year! Couldnt find any candles and even if I did have any, it wouldnt have balanced anywhere so I had a little torch shined up into my lantern, weeeeee~
Happy Moon Festival day!! :D


YuehLai said...

I miss those celebrations of lantern/mooncake festival. The liondances and the mooncakes in lil baskets, and the awesomeeeeee lanterns. Those lantern days seems like centuries ago. I feel sad now. Perth sucks in festivities.

Anonymous said...

hahahahahahahahahaha omg you're so gay!

hm said...

hahaha my aunt was talking to my mum before she came to perth about her bringing some lanterns for us... my mum told her not to because we'd think it was 'gay'


but i would have loved to have gotten my hands on one!

Jia said...

Oooh nice lantern! HAHA love it!

FeLLi said...

AwWWwWWw ur so cute!!! ekkekek *sigh* i miss those c.i. mooncake festival days =( the lanterns and those lil pig shaped mooncakes that u get in those plastic baskets and playing with mass candles and burning stuff T_T i miss being a kid!!! *pouts*