Monday, September 11, 2006

Yet another daunting monday

Ahhh had a very interesting weekend indeederoo...

Weekend review

hEHhee.. lets see saturdayy... went shopping with felicia for the masquerade ball this coming thursday. THis was the plan; design mask, shop, make mask, go home. This was what we did; shop...shop...shop {{shops close}} eEEEeKkk...:P bought likes heapsa stuff...feathers glitter sequins ribbon...a stick for the handle...and since we're shoppin might as well loOk around the other shops as well hehehe.. ahh and still need a headband thats sparkli n pretty. Yes...we wents to carousel ...fun fun and oh i bought a present for kelly coz was gon go her party that nightt... got her likes lotsa jewellery from diva yay! lalala

KeLLys 18th BdAy party

got all dressed up yay! wore my new pink dress and my gorgeous pink shoes..bought black stockings..and a black necklace and pink button earrings and painted my nails black...got a bit carried away with my color coord... hEHhee.. wents out at 7 to picks rob upp I MEMORISED THE MAP thank you thank you ... kelly made me a nice pink strawberry cocktail..:D tasted nice ahHhh i didnt know anyone...lotsa willo though...

OMG HIGHLIGHT OF THE PARTY: KERRI AND KELLY HOOKED IN hAHuAHuAHhahaha... now i jush gotta get em to read my blog lol. like a full on pash! :P they were drunked ...tarun's like $2 bucks kerri hooks up and Pav goes what? $50 bucks she hooks up HEhehhee who wouldv thought it would b a girl ..even better the host of the party woOt!~ hehehhe..

ahhh yeah other than that..rob n tarun was amusing themselves....by...smacking kerri's...ass...HRMs... oh and other things...there was a air hockey table which was realli fun...uM uM...anyhOos..

Monday (today)

CUT UP PIGS HEART.... hell awesome... my friends like getting into touchin the heart and everything...and im like...ur muslim right...and hes like yeah...so then r u allowed to touch that? and he's like..isnt this a sheeps heart? and im like...uhh i dunno...so we askd the teacher and he wasn't sure said it was probably a pig's heart....hAHaha and my friend's alreadi like cut bits off and stuff..but he took his gloves off and let me and shyong play with the heart instead...

HAhahaha...my friend was arguein with me sayin who's smarter and we're like complaining bout our scores (65 and 72) and shyongs like DUDE i got 40 .....which jush made us laugh...yeh it was relli funny at that time....coz my friend just started crying (like laughing crying and couldnt stop) hehehe...and before we were talkin about movies...and wen shyong said dude it remined him of dude where's my car..which made him laugh even more ...coz he was thinkin of the part where it said AND THENNNN!...:P

HEHehe... yess was a verii long day todayyy....started at 9 in the morning..as usuall.. raining in the morningg ...DEeds first up... MY ONLY 2 HOUR BREAK... then had class after class after class... soOo

Deeds Tute 9 - 10
2 hour break
Human Bio lecture 12 - 2
Physics Lecture 2 - 3
Physics Tute 3 - 4
Human Bio Practical 4 - 6

EEEEEKK yeah...then stayed after hb prac ..went to library ...coz got a test tomoro physics ...hope it all goes well... also a second hb test but not gon study for that...coz i did it once alreadi... uM uM... borrowed a cloning boOk... ..to clone my goldfish.... no not realli.... some report outline dued bLehhhhh ...anyways... msn is being a bitch wont lemme on... msn=pms :P

Uh huh....got homes at likes 8:30 LONG DAY reals tired....yup yup.....back to study....blehhh

have a nice day .....xox


Robbbbb said...

"$2 bucks kelly hooks up and Pav goes what? $50 bucks she hooks up"
Tarun said it was that KERRI hooks up,
Which led us to the story of how she played strip poker at the other party...mmyess

That kiss was funnyyyy
it was pretty full on

Yes indeed

And the ass smacking was funny
She didnt even realise, i mean come on, YOU even did it yourself

Yes, Kerri got a kiss from Kelly, and her ass felt up by Mavis
Lucky girl


Mai said...

Oh i was meant to type kerri, my bad ...*edit*

Anonymous said...

wtf's up with ur timetable!
that's some crazy shit, yo!

ahh did u take pics of ur outfit? i wanna see!!

kahsean said...

heyy show me the pics of you and ur dress@!

it seem as though you had a productive wknd!! hehe

hm said...

oooo i cant wait to see all the pictures from the masquerade ball!! take mass k!! =D

Mai said...

i didnt take ne pics at kellys becoz i didnt kno neone lol...

Anonymous said...

u shud of took of urself in ur outfit tho!! that i realli wanted to see!! and also take massssssssss pics at the ball and film the dance!!!!!! have a good time there