Sunday, September 24, 2006

Summing it up

uHhh been lazy and havent written for awhile.. wat have i been up to...

WEIFS 18th bday woOt! i had wednesday off, so rangs weifs up wen she came back from uniii and askd if she needed ne help...she askd for carrots instead haha...so im like yeah i have carrots..but i didnt realise my carrots were a tad bit old...and black and bendy .. like a flaccid carrot...hrms...yes so nehOos wents to buy some on the way to her house hehe... so off i went.

I brought along some fish crackers over and i had never seen em being fried or fry em before so i was like...how does this work but luckily khai was at weifers and he helped me fry em'. then i dont think i was of much help jush dice some onions and grated some cheese...so had to head back at 5 to get ready and pick ppl ups.

pickd up winnie and rob and kahsean and yuehlai hehe.. yah..Uhh gots to see everybody which was good..food was nice...weif cookd some minestrone look alike :P yumm and lagsagne extra yum! hehe..ooo ended up playing cards and spoons with rob fel and taz! that was fun = ]~ Oh and the cake lookd delicious! and it was. Here's some photos to sum it up. Oh oh Shibby came to weifers woOt. so nice to see her again!

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Uhh had a test on friday which i studied my ass off on thursday... oOOO anyone watch jericho its good! thursdays 8:30pm channel ten!yeah..

went moviesss with rob and khaled n dinesh. watched talladegad nights: the ballad of ricky bobby ..
Image Hosted by ImageShack.uscomedy flick...was pretty funny has that alig guy in its ShAke ANd BAkeee ...hehe..khaled was lookin for a jacket for a ball/rivercruise and its like sorry thats the largest size we have and dinesh said if it was him in that scenario itd be "sorry thats the smallest size we have" haha..

hRmm yens BDAY TODAY WOOT WOOT happy 18th birthday girlie! well hope she had a rad time last night at karaoke and metros! = ) ahhhh i gots a report dued the week back and and a test on tuesday fun fun fun so much for a one week break! blehhh..hope u all have a better week than i will.


Robbbbb said...

Gah, i look so dodge in that pic =\

Yes...the movies were gooddd

and khaled ended up takin my suit jacket...good thing it was too big for me i suppose...


Yes indeederoo

kahsean said...

yes weifs cookin was nice =] yay pics!!

Anonymous said...

yes weifs cookin was nice... but.. she bought the already made lasagne and u just have to put it in the microwave to reheat it.. thats why it was nice =]shes a bad cook!!

and rob i agree with u... u look homo in that pik.. hahahaha

love u mai sai ?!?! hahaha

Robbbbb said...

Yuets Smells like pure ass

on a side note: Doom wins, and yuets sucks balls

hm said...

wat???? weif BOUGHT the lasagne? lol i thot she made it!

Mai said...

nah she did make it,its not premade its like...she made the sauce and the white sauce and stuff..then layered the pasta..yuets get it right!

FeLLi _ [ chinked - out ] said...

*hugz* & *muaks*
luv u hontoniiii
from f3L

Anonymous said...

err.. ROB? u smelt pure ass before?? ewwww dont know wat u been doing!?!

Robbbbb said...

yes...its true, on one or two occasions (maybe even a third) i have smelt pure ass...

and it still smells better than yuets