Tuesday, September 26, 2006



www.skinvitals.com.au yes i think it was huoymin that showed us the link to the free sample facemask ...well mines has arrived...and with dozens of things to do...(report, physics lab report, room to be cleaned, house to be cleaned, books to be read, journals entries to be written, cars to be fixed, pots to be exchanged, ahh the list goes on) anyhoOs ... i have resorted to blogging as my form of procrastination...althought the net itself is a great distraction...

ahh yes this blog is going to be on nothing...because that is what i have been doing all day ..erms... i used my facemask.... OOo ...ill paste mass links for bored ppl like me... got most of em off rob....hehehe...uh some from ian and adam and jia


realli cool way to fold ur shirt...cept i think it takes up more time than normal folding..(my normal folding anyways)


REaLLii cute ...


it reads ur mind ;)


cute lil music clip


SEe which celebrity U look like!


apparentli jia got a free pencil case and highlighter...im still waiting for mine :)


ians 200 dollar remote control helicopter OOoo awesome

Yes that is all from me now... have a nice day


hm said...

arrghh my face mask still not here yet!!


vanessa said...

hahahaha u have some pretty random & funny links

Anonymous said...

u look gay...

Robbbbb said...

FACT: Yuets is gay
Its even on her resume

the best links were definately the end of world and how to fold a shirt ^^

kahsean said...

ahah im still waiting for my highlighterr

Anonymous said...

i got TWO highlighters! a blue one and a yellow one! AND a pencil case!


free stuff is gooooood.