Monday, March 02, 2009

Mavis' Home Pampering Sesh

It's been awhile since I had a girl's night out, so the estrogen rush was invigorating. Sabina is heading back to Sydney next week so she suggested a pampering session because we both had foot spas and she gave me a hand spa last last Christmas. So I planned out the day and here is what I came up with;

Mavis’ Home pampering session


Start With A Clean Face

Cleanse the face with water or whatever cleanser you prefer to use. Cleansing the skin first is an important step to any facial. Gently pat skin dry after cleansing and rinsing

Cleansing Massage

The next step is to massage the face gently in circular motions with the fingertips. Avoid the eye area. Use a cold cream or plain vegetable oil to reduce friction and pulling at the skin. Massaging the face will improve circulation and improve the appearance of the skin.

Hot towel treatment

Keep the towel on your face for up to five minutes and wipe away any residue with a toner or plain distilled water.

Face Mask

Use face mask of your choice and follow instructions on packet. Use some pre-prepared cucumber for the eyes.

Foot Spa

Soak your feet in the foot spa for 30 minutes. Add sea salts or other salts of your choice, then use a pumice to soften up the rough spots.


Start off by placing your hands in the hand spa. Allow it to soften and dry off with a towel. Apply some hand lotion to moisture hands.


Start by cutting and shaping your nails. Use nail buffer to buff your nails and apply two light coats of your favourite colour nail polish.

We ended up with French manicures for our nails that turned out quite well I must say. [pic below] My favourite parts were the hot towel treatment, the foot spa and the manicure. Overall I think the pampering sesh was a success and I personally think everyone should take some time out for themselves and just make yourself feed good.

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